This Life Beyond Bars

Following the request of community members we work with, This Life Cambodia began researching issues for children and families affected by the justice system in February 2009. Through extensive and thorough research, This Life Beyond Bars was developed.

Through three projects, Vocational Training, Family Support and Community Development, This Life Beyond Bars aims to:

  • Increase the skills, knowledge and family connection of children in prison to aid integration into their families upon release.
  • Increase the resilience and connectedness of families with a parent in prison.
  • Build the capacity of communities to address their own human rights issues through community development.

The Vocational Training Project addresses the rights of juveniles in prison, ensuring that their personal and educational development is supported and maintained throughout the duration of their incarceration. The project further increases their chances of successful reintegration upon release and decreases the likelihood that they will reoffend, by supporting them to prepare for this transition whilst still in prison. The holistic approach includes five main activities: vocational skills training in moto or electronic repair, personal development, family visitation, post release support for a minimum of 6 months, and overarching case management.

Utilising a strengths-based approach, the Family Support Project includes income generation support, education scholarships for children, family visitation to parents in prison, and emergency basic needs and health care supports. Educational Scholarships for children to continue to access public school are a flagship element of the project, upholding the educational rights of children with a parent in prison and safeguarding opportunities for their futures. Visitation support ensures fundamental family relationships aren’t severed. Creative and flexible solutions to enhancing the capacity of caregivers to generate an income increase the security and stability of the families as a whole and prevents unnecessary child-family separation due to economic stresses. Lastly, basic need packages and health care allowances afford caregivers the much-needed reassurance they require in providing for and meeting the fundamental needs of their families.

In line with This Life Cambodia’s sustainable community development approaches, the Community Development Project works with vulnerable communities to build and strengthen their capacity to address their own human rights and justice based issues. Engaging communities; conducting needs assessments via Participatory Rural Appraisals; designing and delivering awareness raising workshops and trainings for villagers and local authority members; and enhancing and building networks with and between community members and local authorities are among the primary activities of the project, all of which are driven by a community-led approach.


Vocational Training
• Moto-Mechanic & Electronic Training
• Personal Development Training
• Child in Prison Visitation
• Post Release Support
• Tailored Case Management

Family Support
• Education Scholarships
• Parent in Prison Visitation
• Income Generation Activities
• Health Care Allowance
• Emergency Packages

Community Development
• Local Authority Training
• Community Workshops
• Networking
• Community Needs Assessments

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