Internship Program

About the Program

An internship with This Life Cambodia is a two-year program for high school graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds to begin their university education in a major of their choice. Previous graduates of our internship program have joined This Life Cambodia or have gone to work at other NGOs, at banks or in hospitality.

What we do

Working at This Life Cambodia in the department that fits with their major, interns develop practical skills in a real world setting. In turn, this benefits TLC as interns contribute fresh ideas to our programs and assist the organization in achieving our goals.  Interns also attend English language and computer skills courses and gain exposure to different professional functions as part of the TLC team.

As part of this program, we also provide a basic stipend, health insurance and a petrol and phone allowance. At the completion of the two year program, TLC offers interns full time employment providing the financial means for them to complete their university studies.