GOAL: To engage families and communities in supporting children to access their right to education and training opportunities in their community.

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Lower Secondary School Development Program (LSSDP) empowers communities to take ownership of their lower secondary school’s development and improve local education. LSSDP trains local stakeholders to become advocates for improving their schools based on their priorities. Because community members set the priorities, they are able to gain support from residents and other resources. (3,233 children in grades 7-9 benefitting from school development; 171 local leaders trained) 

Vocational Training & Social Enterprise: Moto Doctor provides vocational training in motorbike repair to disadvantaged youth. The program provides personal development training, case management and post training support. As a social enterprise, the repair shop profits contribute to funding operational overheads  contributing to the sustainability of the project. (16 graduates in year 1)

Our Internship Program offers high school graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to begin their university education in a major of their choice. Interns attend English language and computer skills courses and gain exposure to different professional functions by working at This Life Cambodia in a department related to their major.

*Numbers are for FY 2017