Community Research and Consultancy

I strongly appreciate that This Life Cambodia implements a Community Research and Consultancy Program because I believe research is the best way to identify real issues and new knowledge to improve programs. Working in CRCP is like pursuing a Masters degree in research, while also being able to contribute to the Kingdom of Cambodia though program evaluation and research. Ngam Kimsorn, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

GOAL: To translate community voices into new knowledge which can be used to inform good practice and as a tool to advocate for positive change

Monitoring & Evaluation of our Programs

The Community Research and Consultancy Program (CRCP) was established in 2011, in recognition of the need for rigorous research and evaluation to ensure program outcomes met community needs.

CRCP’s work provides a mechanism for the voices of marginalized communities to be heard. In line with our mission to listen to, engage with and advocate alongside communities, CRCP translates voices into new knowledge, which can be used as a tool to advocate for change.

The CRCP team conducts and oversees the monitoring and evaluation of all This Life Cambodia programs in collaboration with program staff.  We also design and conduct research on topics that emerge from program areas with a focus on human rights, juvenile justice and school development.

Consultancy Activities

We undertake consultancies for other organisations which can include managing research and evaluation projects for national and international NGOs and institutions, and coordinating and setting up research projects for universities and PhD students.  Research and evaluation consultancies are tailored to meet the particular needs of the client.

Examples of consultancy initiatives that we are currently undertaking include:

An exciting project that is now in its second year is a Collective Impact informed project for the GHR Foundation.  The project fosters collaboration and learning for enhanced impact across seven grantee NGOS working on residential care reform through family or community based care models with the goal of preventing family separation.


This Life Cambodia is the Linking and Learning Facilitator for Voice in Cambodia.  Voice Linking and Learning is focused on enabling the sharing of experiences and lessons from various initiatives. TLC supports Voice grantees in developing their own linking and learning. As facilitators, we promote participation of members of the Voice target groups and further the building of communities of practice around issues and challenges that concern them.


The University of Newcastle, Australia, in collaboration with This Life Cambodia is undertaking a research study focused on the dietary intake of women and children under 5 years of age in Cambodia in order to combat malnutrition. This innovative research utilises a new technology, Voice-Image-Sensor for Individual Dietary Assessment (VISIDA), based on a smartphone app and wearable sensors that can assess the nutritional values of what people are eating.  As the University’s implementation partner, we are applying the study protocols, training research assistants, developing support materials, recruiting participants, and overseeing data collection and management.

To see examples of our research and evaluation work, please visit ResearchTo discuss your research or monitoring and evaluation needs please email us at:

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