Community Research and Consultancy

“I strongly appreciate that This Life Cambodia implements a Community Research and Consultancy Program because I believe research is the best way to identify real issues and new knowledge to improve programs. Working in CRCP is like pursuing a Masters degree in research, while also being able to contribute to the Kingdom of Cambodia though program evaluation and research.”Ngam Kimsorn, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

The CRCP team was established in 2011, in response to an expanding organization, and in recognition of the need for rigorous research and evaluation to ensure program outcomes met community needs.

CRCP’s work provides a mechanism for the voices of marginalized communities to be heard. In line with TLC’s mission to listen to, engage with and advocate alongside communities, CRCP translates voices into new knowledge, which can then be used as a tool to advocate for change.

In collaboration with TLC program staff, the CRCP team conducts and oversees the monitoring and evaluation of all TLC programs. We also design and conduct research on topics that emerge from TLC program areas with a focus on human rights, juvenile justice and school development. The team also undertakes consultancy work, which can include managing research and evaluation projects for national and international NGOs and institutions, and coordinating and setting up research projects for universities and PhD students.

Guiding Principles

Our work is guided by the same principles that underpin our program initiatives.

  • The conduct of research and evaluation is always respectful of the community’s right to determine their own future. It will be relevant and meaningful to their needs.
  • The benefits of research and evaluation always outweigh potential risks to participants and communities.
  • Research and evaluation always takes account of the cultural context and literacy levels of participants.
  • The process of research and evaluation is always transparent and findings are presented back to the community.
  • Research and evaluation findings are always translated into actions for positive change.
  • Care is always taken to avoid over researching and over evaluating programs and communities.

Consultancy Activities

Research and evaluation consultancies undertaken by CRCP are tailored to meet the particular needs of the NGO, University or PhD student. Examples of consultancy initiatives that we undertake include:

For NGOs and universities

  • Literature and document reviews
  • Design and implementation of Community Needs Assessments
  • Design of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems
  • Design and implementation of Baseline Evaluation Surveys
  • Design of data collection tools (Qualitative and Quantitative), that take account of cultural context and literacy levels
  • Conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys
  • Conducting data entry
  • Conducting Participatory Rural Appraisals

For research students

For PhD or Masters students undertaking social research in the areas of International Development, Education, Juvenile Justice or Human Rights, CRCP can:

  • Provide resources to support development of Human Research Ethics Proposals
  • Assist students to recruit participants
  • Provide information and resources regarding the Cambodian cultural context
  • Provide research assistance for conducting interviews, focus groups and surveys.

To see examples of our previous research and evaluation work, please visit Research. 

For more information or to inquire about our research and evaluation services please email: