Children and Families Programs

GOAL:  For children to be protected and supported to remain within or return to their families and communities.

To learn more about our programs for Children and Families click on the below links:

This Life Beyond Bars works with incarcerated youth and provides vocational and personal development training, case management and reintegration support for children in 3 prisons in Cambodia. (242 youth receiving support; 37 released receiving post-support services)*

This Life in Family supports families at risk of separation due to a parent or caregiver entering prison. We provide emergency interventions, interim financial support and longer term case management.  (52 children receiving educational support; 23 caregivers supported with income generating activities)*

This Life Reuniting Families works in conjunction with government social workers to reintegrate children from orphanages back with their families and communities.  (new in 2018)

This Life in Community builds community capacity to respond to issues that impact children and families. Our goal is to strengthen community-based care networks and prevent family separation and the institutionalisation of children. (1,933 community members attending awareness raising events; 67 local leaders trained)*

This Life Without Violence works with local communities to address the high incidence of violence against women and children. We do this through community mobilisation, capacity building and the  development of local support groups for families impacted by domestic violence.  (new in 2017)

*Numbers are for FY2017