Our approach to development enables communities to attain the essential knowledge and skills needed to make change and break free from poverty.  We work alongside residents listening to their needs and concerns. The people living in the villages where we work are best qualified to identify their problems and priorities. What they need are the knowledge, tools and awareness of how to successfully engage with local authorities to advocate for their priorities.

A central component in all of This Life Cambodia’s program design is a Participatory Rural Appraisal. Through this TLC led process, communities identify issues, create solutions and set priorities. This is followed by an implementation process that provides for community engagement, ownership, capacity building and mobilisation.

Sustainability is a fundamental tenet of everything we do. The ultimate goal for our projects is to build capacity within communities so they become self sufficient.  We establish clear entry and exit strategies to ensure that leadership remains within the community after the program is completed.

Our current programs operate in three areas:

Children & Families:


Community Research and Consultancy:

Visit the above pages to learn more about each program and you can download our 3 year strategic plan here.